Want to be a beta tester?


Do you want to help us develop the next version of the Zeplay? Read on for more information!

We typically perform an invitation-only beta test as one of the last steps in our software development process. We maintain a list of interested beta testers, and periodically invite them to participate in a test.

It is important to note that volunteering as a beta tester doesn’t mean that you’ll be involved in a specific test. We select from the available beta testers in order to make sure that we have a group that represents Zeplay users overall, and tests the specific new functionality.

In order to be considered as a beta tester you must:

  1. Have an account on our forum.
  2. Own at least one Zeplay system
  3. Have an active Software Update, or a Zeplay Care contract.
  4. Be wiling to report an issues or ideas to our developers in a timely fashion
  5. Have a sense of adventure!

A note on that last one: We ask that you have a sense of adventure because you are considering using pre-release software for your instant replays in a live production. By the time that a beta tester gets their hands on our software, we have tested it extensively internally, but sometimes issues sneak by. If you are helping with a beta test, and do run into an issue, our staff will do everything they can do help you through it.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send a private message to me @Brandon. Thanks!