Zeplay 4.0 is now available!

We are pleased to announce that Zeplay version 4.0.0 is now available. This is the first version of the Zeplay software to be released since our emancipation, and we are thrilled!

This version of the software is compatible with EVERY Zeplay system ever shipped, so don’t worry that your system is too old. Please contact us at sales@zeplay.tv for more information about obtaining the upgrade.

Here is a quick summary of the changes:

  • [ZP-28] - Sequences can be cued to any output
  • [ZP-30] - Add default window layout for 1080p UI
  • [ZP-33] - User can copy and paste entire sequences
  • [ZP-73] - Macro action to open 1st item in sequence in the editor
  • [ZP-82] - Macro action to copy selected sequence
  • [ZP-92] - Add Preferences UI to view status of, and attempt to re-locate controller
  • [ZP-43] - Show Current / Total index within sequence in Preview window
  • [ZP-44] - Show description of next clip in Preview window
  • [ZP-45] - Storyboard shouldn’t indicate playback position of sequence
  • [ZP-46] - Preview border shouldn’t change because the player is playing a sequence
  • [ZP-4] - Create a new Installer for ZEPLAY
  • [ZP-9] - [Enter] key doesn’t submit the New Game form
  • [ZP-50] - ZEPLAY sometimes fails to load Window Layout
  • [ZP-49] - Push doesn’t work as expected on multiple sequences
  • [ZP-62] - Remove Tightrope branding from ZEPLAY application
  • [ZP-83] - Migrate Games, Sports and Settings folders from old path to new install directory
  • [ZP-100] - Do not automatically switch to a channel when it cues a sequence
  • [ZP-103] - Add setting to disable GPI for systems that don’t include it (R6)
  • [ZP-110] - 1080i ProRes Export Results in a Frame-based File instead of Field-based