Zeplay 4.1 is available now!

We are pleased to announce that Zeplay version 4.1.0 has been released and is now available to all customers with active Zeplay software updates. Please reach out to us at sales@zeplay.tv if you’d like more information about purchasing software updates.

Major Features

  • [ZP-40] - File Bin can watch a folder on the filesystem and automatically import content
  • [ZP-115] - File Bin can be filtered based on file names
  • [ZP-117] - More macro actions for file bin
  • [ZP-121] - Macro Actions to navigate list of files in the File Bin
  • [ZP-122] - Add Macro Actions to Set and Clear filters in File Bin and Plays windows
  • [ZP-126] - Export content faster than realtime on newer hardware
  • ‍[ZP-175] - Zeplay can import XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM 422 Files
  • [ZP-176] - Zeplay can now export XDCAM EX files
  • ‍[ZP-229] - Controller’s Scrub buttons should do 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x rate instead of 1x 2x 3x
  • [ZP-186] - Show warning if input resolution does not match

Minor Features

  • [ZP-89] - Fade Increment Buttons are too coarse
  • [ZP-156] - Clicking Channel expands the tree and selects the first channel
  • [ZP-182] - Rename Exporting preferences screen to Import / Export
  • [ZP-189] - Monitor C: drive to make sure that it isn’t almost full
  • [ZP-191] - Show a warning message when SxHWControl logs are enabled
  • [ZP-195] - Add macro trigger that happens periodically
  • [ZP-213] - Add an optional offset to GoToLive macro
  • [ZP-225] - Zeplay shouldn’t allow consolidation of DVCPro content
  • [ZP-228] - BetaController registry setting should be re-applied when the controller is located
  • [ZP-231] - Update Manual with new controller artwork

Bugs Fixed

  • [ZP-55] - Mark In / Mark Out behave strangely while controlling a sequence
  • [ZP-119] - Better feedback while stopping recording
  • [ZP-123] - Clicking [Cancel] button on Go To Timecode leaves controller in inconsistent state
  • [ZP-179] - Housekeeping doesn’t show all games sometimes
  • [ZP-183] - Error in the editor when accessing freshly recorded content
  • [ZP-184] - Channel selection doesn’t behave as expected when playing sequences
  • [ZP-188] - Deadlock while cueing a sequence with an active alias
  • [ZP-196] - Possible crash when executing macro actions