Zeplay 4.2 is now available!

We are happy to announce the availability of Zeplay version 4.2.0. This software update adds several features. This software is compatible with every Zeplay system and is available now. Please contact us at sales@zepaly.tv if you’d like information about upgrading.

Major Features

[ZP-251] - Export Presets allow easy export to multiple locations and formats
[ZP-243] - Add macro triggers for Shift + Macro keys

Minor Features

[ZP-190] - Compress old log files to save space
[ZP-248] - Option to always cue sequences to a specific channel
[ZP-124] - Macro Actions to load window layouts
[ZP-236] - Automatically open new item after Split in Editor
[ZP-249] - Remember the most recently used Game so it can be opened more easily
[ZP-237] - Smaller border on Preview windows
[ZP-238] - Update Playbar to have less chrome and more usable space
[ZP-239] - Preference to adjust how much time the Playbar shows
[ZP-233] - Editor button lights to indicate when Editor is being controlled - Note: a new v2 control panel is required for this feature

Bugs Fixed

[ZP-241] - Recovery code for games that previously failed to start a recording session